This month we’re focusing on employee engagement and how it impacts your company and your customers. We’ve done some research and compiled a list of articles for our Monthly Must Reads feature. Here are what industry leaders Temkin Group, Forrester and Customer Experience Magazine had to say on the subject:

1. Employee Engagement Primer
Temkin considers employee engagement to be one of their ‘four customer experience core competencies’. They’ve put together this super helpful infographic to break down why employee engagement is so important, as well as a few basic ways that you can strive to make improvements. They say the bottom line is that good things happen when you engage your employees and we agree. Check out this super useful infographic to learn more.

2. Customer Obsession Is An Employee Engagement Strategy, Too
Forrester lays it out pretty simply: higher employee engagement leads to customer loyalty that leads to profits. And yet, their research shows that in the past 10 years approximately 70% of U.S. employees remain disengaged at work with little to no effort made to change this. Forrester found that what employees really want is purpose in their work and propose tying employee engagement to better customer experience delivery as a way to do that. Read the full article for their detailed suggestions on how you can achieve this.

3. 8 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement
By now I’m sure you get that employee engagement is huge when it comes to providing a good customer experience, but how can you achieve it? Customer Think Magazine put together a list of 8 simple ways to increase employee engagement. These are straightforward tips that you can implement to help improve your employee engagement, and ensure your customers have the best experience possible.