An advocate is a customer who will recommend a business based on a good experience. Advocacy is not only an indicator of quality, but also a lever for new revenue generation. Companies that create advocates have a degree of predictability that allows them to enjoy greater profitability and growth.

To create advocates, companies need to understand what points are important to their customers. From there they must understand what their experiences are and how to integrate those experiences into business processes and strategies. They need to push their customers up the experience ladder by delivering the kind of good experiences that they expect.

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Figure 1: Customer Lifecycle in Telecommunications Customer Service

But advocacy isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to growing your brand.

Here are 3 key factors that will help you create a better customer experience.

1) Timeliness
Customer and market intelligence now operate in real-time in terms of collection, reporting, and advanced analytics. Companies can collect data continuously at various touch points, and integrated business rules and permissions now enable push reporting to key team members, for example.

2) Relevance
Data and results have become more insightful based on breadth of insights, social listening, and enterprise engagement. CEM methodologies provide more extensive data collection, and social listening generates a high volume of passive feedback. Customer insights have become a communication tool as they inform the entire organization of business improvements that are taking place.

3) Value
Today’s market insights are more actionable, credible, and cost-effective. CEM distributes insights across the organization from executives to the frontline, helping companies identify opportunities for customer service and revenue retention. Direct and relative costs of CEM programs are significant enough to justify continued investment in ongoing research programs.

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