This month we’ve been looking at how emotions can help us better understand CEM, and we’re carrying that through to our monthly “Must-Reads” feature on the blog. We’ve already explained how the ResponseTek Listening Platform uses emotion, and today we’re going to share what some other industry professionals have to say about this trend.

1. Leading Employees to Happiness – How Employee Emotions Impact Your Customer Experience
In this 2015 article, Customer Experience Magazine talks about the importance of employee emotions and how they can impact the customer experience. Anne Blackburn provides recommendations on what you can do to help your employees – including emotional intelligence training, empowerment, managing employee expectations and providing good leadership role models. Check out the full article to learn more.

2. How Emotions Impact Customer Service
This interesting read highlights the six most important emotions that affect customer experience. Want to know what they are? Hint – surprise, happiness and gratitude are the most common positive emotions a customer can feel. Check out the article to learn what the remaining three are and how they impact a company’s overall experience.

3. New CX Measure to Compliment NPS: Net Emotional Value
Customer Think proposes a new CX Measure, the Net Emotional Value. Meant to work in tandem with the NPS, the Net Emotional Value (or NEV) measures a customer’s loyalty based on how emotionally attached they feel to a brand. Need a refresher on NPS? Check out our previous blog post on the CEM metric here.