The Net Easy Score is a measure of customer loyalty combined with effort. It focuses on the ease of doing business with a brand, using a simple question:


So, how is it calculated? The above question is typically asked on a 7-point scale, 1 being extremely easy and 7 being extremely difficult. From there, subtract the percentage of easy scores (answers ranging from 1-2) from the percentage of difficult scores (answers ranging from 5-7) and you have your Net Easy Score.


For richer insights, follow up a net easy question with an open comment box or more specific questions about a particular transaction to help pinpoint areas for improvement.

Why does it matter? Well …





As a company, you want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to receive help when they are looking for it. By minimizing a customer’s effort to resolve a complaint or issue with your organization, the better off your overall customer experience will be.

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