The CX Index ™ (created by Forrester Research Inc.) is a benchmark that enables brands to see how customer experience drives customer loyalty and the potential effect on revenue.

A survey is conducted by asking the following 3 questions about an organization’s customer experience:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.16.32 AM

Customers then rate their answers on a five-point scale in which 1 is negative and 5 is positive. In order to calculate the scores, first the percentage of 1s and 2s are subtracted from the percentage of 4s and 5s. Then Forrester takes the average of the scores from all three questions. From this, benchmarks are created to determine the leaders and the laggards by country and industry, so that companies can see how they measure up.

The CX Index ™ is most common in B2C industries where there is little to no product or service differentiation. The CX Index ™ is available in 8 industries across 8 countries. Example industries include:

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Why does it matter? [1] Over a 7-year period, customer experience leaders generated a cumulative total return of 77.7%. Over the same 7-year period, customer experience laggards generated a cumulative total return of -2.5%.

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[1] Source: Forrester Research Inc., The US Customer Experience Index, Q1 2015 Research date: April 20,2015 Available at: