Nowadays, organisations are working to improve their customer experience and in doing so looking to prioritise customer experience initiatives. Here are two organisational tips you can leverage as a starting point to help achieve this:

Tip #1

Introduce a team dedicated to conducting customer callbacks. Complete callbacks when you first identify a detractor or an at-risk customer that has had a poor experience. Be sure to set up a reasonable timeframe for when callbacks need to be conducted, this ensures callbacks are completed in a timely fashion.

Tip #2

Introduce an internal CX committee. This could comprise of various departmental heads or CX stakeholders, whose responsibility it is to review CX issues on a regular basis and come up with solutions that can be implemented. Start small to begin with.

KCell, a leading telco in Asia, recently implemented these tips and have seen the following:




“With the ResponseTek Listening Platform, we are now able to identify our detractors, and implement operational changes to close the loop with these customers. Having real-time access to our customer feedback helps us understand our current problem gaps and identifies areas for us to focus improvements.”
– Gulfanu Yergaliyeva (CX Expert, KCell)