We’ve been talking about the current state of customer experience and, to build on that, here are our monthly “Must Reads.” Click the links to find out what Temkin Group, CX Magazine, and CustomerThink.com are saying about CX today.

  1. The State of Customer Experience Management
    In this report Temkin identifies what they believe to be the 4 core customer experience competencies and, using this assessment, evaluate companies on different levels of customer experience. They also provide their assessment to help brands with their CX capabilities.
  1. The 4 Es Towards the ‘Customer Experience’ Excellence Model
    Customer Experience Magazine shared what they call “the 4 Es” of customer experience (emotion, effort, expectations, and execution) and how they work together to create customer experience excellence management.
  1. Loyalty Marketing Best Practices in 2016
    Loyalty marketing is growing exponentially, according to customerthink.com, and this article helps you identify innovative key ways to tailor your own loyalty marketing strategy. Read now to get meaningful tips and tricks that you can leverage for your needs.


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[2] Source: CX Magazine (Hany Mokhtar): Research Date: May 24, 2016. Available at: http://cxm.world/the-4-es-towards-the-customer-experience-excellence-model/

[3] Source: CustomerThink.com (Brandon Gains): Research Date: June 24, 2016. Available at: http://customerthink.com/loyalty-marketing-best-practices-in-2016/