To continue our discussion on mobile and CX this month, we’ve compiled a few interesting reads below that include the latest data in mobile usage, an article on the rise of mobile, and how mobile messaging is expected to change this year. Here are our top picks from TechCrunch, Temkin, and Gartner:

U.S. Consumers Now Spend 5 Hours Per Day on Mobile Devices
TechCrunch shares some interesting data in this post about the increased growth of the time spent using mobile apps by users. The average American is up to 5 hours a day, which is a 20 percent increase from last year. To find out why, and also to see which apps may be eating up most of our time, check out the article.

The Rise of Mobile CX
This comprehensive infographic provides some visual insight on what the shift towards mobile customer experience looks like. It includes growth rates, channel preferences, and how companies can keep up.

The Upcoming Year of Mobile-Messaging
This Gartner article attempts to explain the myth of ‘the year of mobile’ and suggests that maybe every year is the year of mobile. Intrigued? Read the article for the full perspective.