Following up from our Monthly Must Reads post, we’re sharing some interesting information to help you better understand how text analytics can be applied and why you should be using it. Here are some quick stats from CustomerThink, Temkin, and Customer Experience Magazine.

“Researchers have known for a long time that responses to open-ended questions yield a more comprehensive view of the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ behind someone’s mindset than a dozen multiple-choice questions.”
– Surveys: Time for a Major Upgrade, Customer Experience Magazine

“Today, marketing success means developing winning customer-centric experiences. That’s why digital Voice of the Customer data has grown from being a nice-to-have, to becoming the backbone of measuring and managing the customer experience.”
– Top 5 Customer Experience Trends For 2017,

“Unlike many of the less mature VoC programs, which primarily concentrate on reporting metrics from multiple-choice surveys, the more advanced VoC programs focus instead on finding valuable insights to drive business improvements. To get these valuable insights, […] research shows that mature VoC programs are actively using text analytics to efficiently process their massive volumes of customer feedback.”
– Text Analytics Reshape VoC Programs, Temkin