How often, as a consumer, do you come away from an interaction with a company saying something to the effect of, “They only pay lip service to listening to customer!”? Unfortunately despite the best intentions of senior executives to make you feel otherwise, the “real” customer experience is often disconnected from the brand promise and marketing messages we see. Why is this happening? Do they really not care? The answer is often based on the fact that the executive wants the statement, “We deliver great service,” to be true so much so that they send out the message without preparing the business to deliver on the promise. We all know that the experiences that frustrate us are not the ones the CEO believes are being delivered. So how does this happen? The answer is usually a combination of poor measurement of experience quality, poor employee engagement and a lack of accountability for closing the loop with customers. I recently wrote a short piece on this for Bdaily News that digs into this topic in more detail if you want read it follow the link:

Going from lip service to real service listening and acting on customer concerns