When using a CEM solution to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, consider these tips:

  1. Determine who owns the customer voice and why. The responsibility for customer experience should be with a high-level, cross-functional team that sees themselves as enablers of change for the entire organization.
  2. Integrate customer experience insights with a knowledge base. A knowledge base will better serve customers and support employees with a library of answers to common questions.
  3. Choose the customer experience metrics that matter. A variety of metrics can be used to accurately measure changes in customer interactions. By understanding the value of the individual metrics and choosing the most relevant mix, organizations will have access to robust insights necessary to develop solutions that impact ­the bottom line.
  4. Measure experience at the individual customer level. Statistics, such as 72% satisfaction among an organization’s customers, do not necessarily equate to happy customers. Customers know they are one of many, but still expect to be treated with individual attention and care. When experiences are measured and reported at the customer level, action can be taken to intervene as needed.
  5. Don’t turn a blind eye to customers. Companies can no longer selectively address the needs of their customers. It is imperative that companies listen to their customers and take action to offer better, personal service to avoid being faced with the harsh reality of losing business to competitors. This attention to customers includes feedback received through traditional as well as social channels.