This week ResponseTek unveiled its upgraded survey user interface. The new interface optimizes collection because it uses best practices in both survey creation and user experience. Customers will enjoy a visually appealing new look and feel. Additionally, the new user interface inspires optimal feedback collection through any channel, allowing customers to put their best foot forward with collecting insight.

The new interface brings the following capabilities to ResponseTek’s expanding customer base:

·   Uses survey and UI collection best practices to ensure optimal feedback collection

·   Provides a clean and sleek new look and feel

·   Provides branding flexibility and includes options to customize colour schemes and add logos

·   Uses optimized visual elements to make survey taking more compelling

·   Uses responsive design to ensure screen size adaptability

·   Supports various question types such as matrix, text, dropdown, radio button, and checkbox questions


To learn more about ResponseTek’s approach to helping organizations listen to their customers, check out our Listen module.