In our previous post on CX trends to watch out for in 2017, we discussed that email has the potential to become a real competitive medium for CEM. In the mid-2000s email was a leading communications medium but with new technology that allows for real-time interaction and live support, email has taken the backseat. A recent article published by Gartner[1] supports our prediction that email will re-emerge as an important tool this year.

‘In 2017, don’t ask “Should I do email?” Instead, consider “How can I do email better?”’

– Gartner, Email Marketing – Emerging Medium of 2017

The key, according to Gartner, is to utilise data collected from real-time platforms to create more personalised emails to provide a better experience for your customers. Traditional ‘batch-and-blast emails’ have the potential to alienate your customers because they lack the ability to form connections, connections that can be built through more personalised messages. These email are often never opened or responded to. Personalisation allows you to engage your customers in a way that draws on personal touch points that reflects your desire to provide them the best experience possible.

In a nutshell, focus your email marketing efforts in 2017 on personalising your email communications to customers where you offer value and can anticipate their needs. Understanding their previous purchase history or interests helps when up-selling them on new products/services you are trying to promote. Want to learn more about the upside of using email? Check out our previous post on the pros and cons of various collection methods here.

[1] “Email Marketing – Emerging Medium of 2017”, Gartner blog (2016)