This month we’re focusing on text analytics and as an introduction on the topic we’ve compiled a list of articles that provide a great read. What is text analytics? How can text analytics improve your VoC programme? See our Must Reads list below on views from Temkin and Forrester.

VoC Shifts from Surveys to Analytics
Text mining and predictive analytics are the next generation of VoC programmes, according to this Temkin report. As there is a growth in the importance of open-ended questions there comes an increase in the use of analytics in order to decipher this data. For more information on the exact stats, check out the full post.

Expand Your Big Data Capabilities with Unstructured Text Analytics
This Forrester article claims that firms currently face a gap when it comes to data and insights and there is a lot of valuable information that falls through that gap. Read the article to find a full list of the best ways to utilize text analytics in order to make the most of the data you’re collecting.