In the Customer Experience Management (CEM) industry, there are currently two forms of services offered: Self-Service, and Full-Service. With ResponseTek, you get the best of both words through our Balanced Services offering.

Balanced Services™
Balanced Services is a term coined by ResponseTek that describes our approach to deliver the best of both customer experience self-service tools and full service support to our clients.






What are some of the benefits of Balanced Services™?

Self Service Tools

Our self-service tools give you the ease of carrying out small changes, with all the safeguards and enterprise integration required for multi-channel CEM programming. This allows for speed, control and budget efficiency. We also provide online tools for simple administrative changes like survey editing and user management.

Enterprise Integration

We also provide an experienced and dedicated launch team to ensure your program gets up and running with bulletproof integrations. We simplify and streamline your data with organization hierarchy management, quality assurance testing, automated data exchange, and data security (DSS).

Full-Service Support

We work with you as a partner on your CX journey. Let us take care of the complex enterprise elements while also providing full-service support in the form of design workshops, program management support, best practices and benchmarks – and even program health checks.

Balanced Services









To learn more about ResponseTek’s Balanced Services, please visit our Service page.