Last week, we opened the discussion on the most effective ways to address and reduce churn. In our last post we talked about using real-time insight from customer feedback as a key pillar. For the second pillar, we will discuss how to utilize employees to improve overall customer experience and reduce churn.

Customer feedback provides a way for employees to know how they are performing and for companies to better equip them to provide exceptional experiences to customers. Changes to individual agent performance, enabled by modifying corporate processes, have a massive impact on a customer’s decision to stay loyal or leave a service provider.

Based on ResponseTek’s research of telecom customer comments, the main reasons for customer dissatisfaction are the following:

  • Network coverage
  • Product issues
  • Billing
  • Wait times
  • Pricing

Since customer service drives satisfaction, improving this will lead to a reduction in churn. Customers want to be served by knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful staff. To ensure customers are getting this type of service in every interaction, employee performance needs to be measured. Tracking metrics that measure employee performance has benefits for both corporate operations and frontline employees. When employee performance is not meeting expectations, targeted training can fix knowledge gaps. This trains employees specifically on what they don’t know, resulting in reduced costs and less general training time.

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