Our philosophy towards Customer Experience Management is simple, it comprises four pillars: Listen, Learn, Act, and Engage. Below is a short explanation of how each of our modules helps measure emotion:

Capturing Emotion

·   Real-time feedback allows us to capture feedback when it is the most emotionally intense for customers.

·   Personalized and contextual surveys that use details about a customer’s transactions help enhance the emotional connection to the customer.

·   Multi-modal and multi-lingual feedback with short question sets allow us to engage as many customers as possible while understanding their emotional reaction to the brand and experience.

Analyzing Emotion

·  The Listening Platform has reporting flexibility to accommodate any model of basic emotions as part of our survey design – if you have a ‘keyword’ list of emotions that you know are central to your brand, we can review the occurrence/valence of those emotions as they appear in your customers’ feedback.

·  Dynamic and integrated filters can be used to identify your ‘emotionally connected’ customers – by sharing your segments, we can filter your data in real-time.

Engaging Employees to Take Action

·   Alerting on emotional triggers helps the organization know when action is required.

·   The Listening Platform creates transparency and accountability with staff in the delivery and recovery of customer experience.

Creating an Emotional Connection

·   Our platform and services help you close the loop with the customers, so you can prove that you not only ‘listened to’ your customers’ emotionally-charged feedback, but you also understand what matters to them and are prepared to act on this information to make high-impact changes.

·   The Listening Platform allows you to activate emotional brand promoters with tailored offers for upselling and referrals.

To learn more about the Listening Platform and how our four modules work, visit our Products page.