Today, we’re sharing what telecom industry professionals are saying about customer experience management as part of our monthly “Must-Reads” feature. Here’s what Customer Experience Magazine and the CXPA are saying:

1. Innovative Telecoms – How Network Providers and Operators Can Adapt to the Ever-Changing Requirements of Customers
This article discusses how telecoms can overcome their transient nature to provide better, more stable customer experiences. As telecoms are constantly changing and growing, the needs of their customers are too. With the emergence of Millennials in the workforce, the need for connectivity and simple online services and interactions is rapidly increasing and businesses (telecoms in particular) have to be able to provide that. Check out the full article to find out what Customer Experience Magazine says companies can do about this movement.

2. Telecoms Need to Take Digital Centre Stage
Telecoms are true leaders in the hyper-connected world; consumers see them as pioneers navigating the digital landscape. As customers in a mobile age, we want the easiest and most convenient experience possible and telecoms can achieve this through continued innovation in the digital arena. Read the article to find out how to achieve this innovation, while still maintaining essential human-interactions that even the most digital-savvy customers need.

3. Can the Biggest Challenges in the Telecom Sector Be Solved with Customer Loyalty?
Lack of profit from voice calls, text messages, and data traffic are what this article claims are the three biggest challenges faced by telecoms today. Because telecom is a highly competitive sector, customers know they can always find better and cheaper options should their current provider not be up to par with their standards. Most telecoms try and fix the problem by encouraging long-term contracts to keep customers from leaving, but few address the real root issues. Can increasing customer loyalty through better customer experience management be the solution? Read the article and find out.