This month we’re focusing on brand advocacy as part of our monthly “Must-Reads” feature. What is a brand advocate? Why do you want them? We’ve compiled a quick list of articles that answer these questions in detail. Read on to find out what the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Customer Experience Magazine have to say about brand advocacy.

1. Make Your Best Customers Even Better
This article explains how focusing on ‘super consumers’ (a.k.a. brand advocates) generates more growth and an increase in overall revenue. Super consumers don’t just buy a product – they maintain an attitude and interest in creating new and innovative uses for a product that they love.

2. Seven Ways to Identify and Engage Brand Advocates
Forbes believes that cultivating brand advocates is a way to maximize value and exposure without blowing a budget. They share seven ways to turn regular customers in to active brand advocates.

3. The Art of Turning Infrequent Customers into Loyal Advocates
This article offers 3 more ways to cultivate brand advocates, shared by Customer Experience Magazine. These are really simple steps based on a real company’s experience.

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