With smart phones that can do just about everything, it’s no wonder that people spend more time than ever on their phones. It’s also no wonder then that mobile has emerged as a real presence in the world of customer experience. Today we’re sharing some stats about the current usage of mobile, as well as an interesting prediction from Forrester.

Forrester predicts mobile to generate 43% of all global web traffic in 2017
-Forrester Research[1]

Cisco predicts that traffic from Wi-Fi and mobile devices will comprise 66% of all IP traffic by 2020
-Cisco Systems Inc [2]

According to Forrester Research, Inc., there are now more than 200 million smartphones in the U.S., and the average consumer picks up or glances at their phone 150 to 200 times each day
-Forrester Research [3]

The Transactional Messaging Consumer Report found that 70% of customers prefer service-based messages be sent to their mobile phone.
– Vibes [4]

87% of millennials have their smartphone close at hand 24/7 while 80% say reaching for it is the first thing they do in the morning.
– Zogby Analytics [5]

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