This month we’ve continued to focus on mobile and general industry best practices. To continue this discussion, here are some great articles for our Monthly Must-Reads. Here’s what The Seattle Times, CustomerThink, and Temkin have to say about current customer experience best practices and trends to watch out for in the future:

1. Improve Your Work Relationships by Stealing a Page from Customer Service

CEM goes mainstream with this article from The Seattle Times as they share how customer experience management tactics can be applied outside of the CEM profession to improve all professional relationships and interactions. Read the article to find out how you can apply your CEM skills in order to improve your work relationships.

2. 5 Ways IoT Will Forge the Smart Future

While we’ve talked a lot about mobile connected devices this month, this article from CustomerThink expands on this topic and describes how IoT (Internet of Things) is the ‘next big thing.’ IoT is a mainstream term that’s used for any device that connects to the internet and can transmit data—it goes way beyond computers, tablets and smartphones. To learn more about IoT, and how it may be our future, check out the full article. 

3. What Is Customer Success Management and Why Is It Important

This Temkin article discusses customer success management, which is the process of actively managing current customer relationships. Customer success management can contribute to churn reduction and improved business in many ways. Check out the article to find out how to begin your customer success management journey, and how it can benefit you.