This post is a follow up to our introduction on choosing a CEM vendor from last week, which included a list of questions you should be asking yourself to help determine what your customer experience needs are. For part 2 of this guide, we’ve compiled a quick question list to help you assess the vendor landscape and select a vendor that is best for your needs.

Questions to Ask a CEM Vendor:

1. Describe your approach towards Customer Experience Management (CEM), what do you believe is the right way to execute CEM?

2. Explain your breadth of experience designing, launching and running VoC (Voice of Customer) and VoE (Voice of the Employee) programmes.

3. Describe how you use CEM best practices with respect to the following:

Feedback collection

Reporting and analytics

The ability to take action on the insight collected from customers

4. How do you use and leverage customer feedback data in real-time?

5.  Can your solution scale as a VoC programme grows?

6. How do you help clients identify drivers of both customer and employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction?

7. Describe your services offering, if any. What approach do you take towards being full service, and/or providing self-administered services?

8. What makes you stand apart from other CEM vendors on the market, what is your competitive advantage? Why should we partner with you vs. your closest your competitor?