Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) measures how satisfied a customer is with the overall experience or a specific customer transaction. It is typically asked using a scale-type question like ‘How satisfied were you with ______’. This means that answers require selection using a scale that ranges from ‘Very Satisfied’ to ‘Very Dissatisfied’.

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The idea is that satisfied customers are more likely to purchase more. However, satisfaction is only one component of customer loyalty. Determining which transactional factors drive customer satisfaction (like agent friendliness) will help pinpoint areas for improvement.

How is it calculated?

CSAT is calculated by looking at the percentage of respondents who answered ‘Very Satisfied’ or ‘Somewhat Satisfied.’ On average, a score of above 70% is considered good.

Where is it used most often?

Customer Satisfaction is one of the most common customer experience scores used across most industries and channels. Benchmarks are also available across numerous industries through organizations such as the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and the UK Customer Satisfaction Index.

Why does CSAT matter?

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